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Women on Steroids

Women on Steroids

Women on steroids, sounds pretty crazy right? It’s no secret, in the bodybuilding world there are a lot of women on steroids but what may be surprising to many is a large portion of all physique competitors supplement with anabolic steroids, from figure to fitness and even bikini. While a strong majority of female physique competitors are supplementing with anabolic hormones more surprising to many is how many women on steroids exist outside the competitive physique arena. Without question the majority of anabolic steroid users of a female nature reside in physique based sports but use crosses all lines far more than most are aware and in many cases more so than they want to admit.

By-in-large anabolic androgenic steroids are viewed as a masculine pursuit; after all, the large majority of users are men. However, as these highly anabolic substances produce and increase performance in men they do so equally in women and often to the same degree. However, when it comes to women on steroids the game changes quite a bit; the basic principles applied to steroid use for men do not apply to women, in-fact it’s not even close. Anabolic steroids carry a much greater risk to females than males as virilization can occur and can so in a very strong and rapid nature. By such virilization many women on steroids will begin to display strong masculine characteristics such as body hair growth, a deeper voice and in some extreme cases facial structural changes of a more masculine nature.

Due to the strong virilization effects that can occur the use of anabolic steroids by a female athlete must be done so in a more cautious manner if femininity is to be maintained. You’ve seen the women on steroids who look like, well, who look like men; in such cases precaution was largely ignored and in many cases all that mattered was the performance result.  However, as is evident, especially in the physique world of figure, fitness and bikini, anabolic steroids can be used effectively while protecting femininity. For the women on steroids who wish to achieve this end their options will be far less than men, their doses will be far less as well but they will also hold a greater level of sensitivity to the anabolics they can take.

Most women on steroids will find Anavar to be their primary tool. Anavar is a very mild anabolic steroid with a very high level of success among female athletes as it is both effective and very well-tolerated. Most women who supplement with Anavar will find no side-effects to occur and only experience positive results when responsible use is implored. While other steroids may be used as well, without question Anavar remains the best steroid for the female athlete due to its mild nature. Most women will find a dosing of 10mg per day to be all they need with 20mg per day being the maximum dose any women will want to apply if femininity is a concern.

When it comes to performance enhancing and women on steroids we can safely say Anavar and other non-steroidal performance enhancing drugs will often be the safest and best bet. Stacks and cycles consisting of Anavar, Human Growth Hormone, Cytomel and perhaps Clenbuterol have been proven to be very effective; additional anti-estrogen related medications such as Nolvadex for short periods will also prove to be beneficial in some cases, turning any lean physique into an even more beautiful one. In the end, whatever is decided upon, when it comes to women on steroids one rule is imperative above all others; responsible use. Use responsibly and you’ll enjoy your experience; get greedy and throw caution to the wind and you’re assured to pay a high price.