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Winstrol Doses

Winstrol Doses

Of all the questions that can be asked regarding anabolic androgenic steroids without question the most common is how much should I take? Unfortunately there’s not a one size fits all answer to that question, each steroid is different, individual goals can vary as can a host of other factors. When we look at the various steroids we find the dosing can quite commonly vary dramatically from one man to the next and in the case of Winstrol doses we can see the same thing with slight exceptions. In the case of Winstrol doses although they will vary they will typically be more uniform than most other anabolic steroids; in-fact we can confidently say this is one of the few anabolic steroids that can be dosed very efficiently and easily for most individuals.

Winstrol Doses for Men:

For the male performance enhancer Winstrol doses can range from 25mg every other day to 100mg every day depending on the individuals purpose of use. Most performance athletes who are looking for a boost in strength and speed will typically fall in the 25mg-50mg every other day range with the average gym rat falling in the 50mg every other day to every day range. For the physique athlete such as a competitive bodybuilder the standard starting Winstrol doses usually begin at 50mg per day and often end up as high as 100mg per day shortly before competition. It’s important to understand that while 100mg can be very effective it can also be very stressful to the liver and should only be used for very short periods of time. Competitive bodybuilders whose Winstrol doses reach 100mg levels should only allow such dosing to exist for 10-14 days max.

Winstrol Doses for Women:

For the female athlete the Stanozolol hormone can be very useful as it is one of the few that can be used without virilization. Virilization can still occur but with responsible use the odds are far more in her favor than compared to many other anabolic steroids. Standard female Winstrol doses usually begin at 10mg every other day and most women will never need to increase it beyond this point, with specific physique athletes being the exception. Winstrol doses of 10mg every other day can be all many physique competitors will need but some may find a need for a daily dosing at this same 10mg mark. While some competitive bodybuilders may increase it beyond this point Winstrol doses above 10mg per day are not ones we can advise as some level of virilization is almost guaranteed beyond the 10mg per day mark.

Dosing Duration:

For the male athlete 6-8 weeks will be the time frame for Stanozolol use with 8 weeks being the maximum time frame of use if we are to remain safe. Remember, if Winstrol doses extend into the 100mg range it is imperative to liver health that we only run this dosing for a very short period of time. For the female athlete 6 weeks is about as far as any woman will want to take it with 4 weeks being generally safe but some may be able to tolerate 6 weeks of use. There is no way to predict this; you will simply need to gauge and keep a close eye on possible virilization effects.


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