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Steroids Before and After

Steroids before and after; the term is thrown around with so much recklessness in society it would be laughable if it were not so sad. Think about it, when you turn on the news or pick up your favorite magazine if performance enhancing is discussed the discussion of steroids before and after is so often so misconstrued that even a child could see through the deception but in the case of anabolic steroids we have a bit of an anomaly. It is one of the few topics on earth that discussion is permitted to exist without a basis of facts; it is one of the few discussions on earth that allows for opinion and emotion to rule in the place of logic and truth.

*Steroids Before and After – Society:

When you hear anabolic steroids discussed rarely will you see hardcore facts presented in any shape or form. You’ll hear the horror stories of steroids before and after but what good is a story without facts to back it up? You’ve heard the steroids before and after stories a million times; “he was a healthy man, he took steroids and they killed him” or “he was a calm nice guy, everyone loved him and he took steroids and became a raging monster overnight.” Well that’s all fine and dandy but have you ever asked yourself what if that’s not true; have you ever asked for proof? With a century of anabolic steroid use behind us there’s never been a death directly linked to use and with a century of use behind us the infamous “Roid Rage” as it is known has been medically proven false time and time again yet even so when the topic of steroids before and after is discussed these are the two primary weapons of the opposing side.

*Steroids Before and After – Message Boards:

While the anti-steroid crowd is a spreader of myth and lie so are many in the pro-steroid camp but it is generally without malicious intent. If you doubt this checkout some of the more popular message boards and see for yourself. You’ll hear steroid before and after claims of 50lbs of pure muscle gained, you’ll hear stories of guys who claim they can’t get good gains unless they run several grams per week of total anabolics; on and on the list of ridiculous claims will go. The problem is simple and so is the solution; most lack any true anabolic steroid education, they rely on gym and message board gossip instead of searching out the truth for themselves. However, don’t be mistaken, message boards can be very valuable; every now and then you’ll come across a guy who can discuss the topic of steroids before and after with credibility and accuracy but you’ll need to do some digging on your own if you are ever going to be able to truly spot him.

*The Bottom Line:

In the end, when discussing steroids before and after the truth is very simple; yes, anabolic steroids work very well; yes, they must be used responsibly and failure to do so can lead to unwanted consequences and yes the difference between your physique with steroids before and after will be nothing short of amazing. However, if you are to pull it off both safely and effectively nothing in your arsenal of tricks will be as valuable as your own education and a thorough understanding.