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Steroid Pills

Anabolic steroids; you ever heard of them? While many of you who read these pages are quite familiar with the topic at hand many more are as oblivious as most are regarding quantum physics and for good reason, the amount of solid information available is quite limited and the information regarding anabolic steroid pills, never is this more true. Anabolic steroid pills carry with them myths and lies as do all forms of anabolic steroids but it is the orally ingested category we want to focus on here. Make no mistake, like all anabolic steroids steroid pills do carry with them a level of risk; often this risk is largely dose and duration dependent as there is a risk to reward ratio that exists but understand these risk are possible and not guaranteed. In the end your best course of action will always be to develop a solid plan you stick by and to regularly consult with your doctor regarding your use to ensure you remain at optimal health.

Steroid Pills Myths & Lies:

- Myth & Lie: Steroid pills will rot your liver

- Truth: Steroid pills can cause stress to the liver; they can be toxic in nature, however, with responsible use we can greatly reduce and even eliminate any possible serious liver contamination. Most individuals who develop liver problems are those who abuse steroid pills by taking far higher than recommended doses and using the tablets far longer than advised. An interesting note that is often largely ignored, more people develop liver ailments due to alcohol consumption every year than anabolic steroids and toxic liver effects can occur much easier from the use of many over the counter medications when used regularly. For most steroid users, if they choose to use oral anabolics and do so in a responsible manner; keeping the duration and doses reasonable their liver values will return to normal once they discontinue use.

- Myth & Lie: If you use oral steroid pills once you come off you’ll lose all your gains

- Truth: This is perhaps one of the more ridiculous myths regarding anabolic steroids in general. While it is true, anabolic steroids such as Anadrol and Dianabol can cause excess water retention if we feed our body in a manner to promote this once we discontinue use the water retention will normally subside. This doesn’t mean we lost our gains, excess water retention is not a gain, it’s just water. To keep our gains, regardless of the types and forms of anabolics we’re using the key is knowing how to eat and train after you discontinue use.

- Myth & Lie: Oral steroids such as Dianabol and Anadrol should only been used when bulking up

- Truth: The above is quite false; in-fact both of these steroid pills can be used and used successfully during both bulking a cutting cycles with great success if the individual has a solid plan and diet put in place. There’s no question, both of these anabolics are very well suited for adding strength and size, this is their primary purpose but that doesn’t mean they are only useful for that purpose. The truth is simple; almost every single anabolic steroid has a place in any type of cycle we may run.

- Myth & Lie: Oral steroid pills don’t shut your natural testosterone down

-Truth: How this little gem of a lie ever got started is a mystery but no one really knows how many of the idiotic things people believe first find their way to the forefront of thought. The truth remains; oral steroids, injectable steroids, it doesn’t matter; if you use anabolic steroids your natural testosterone production will suffer, this is guaranteed.