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Steroid Encyclopedia

Steroid Encyclopedia

The steroid encyclopedia, what a collection of knowledge and insight, perhaps the greatest collection of wisdom ever before bestowed on the performance enhancing world and hated by those who stand opposed to the anabolic regime. What, you don’t own your own collection of the vast and deeply insightful steroid encyclopedia? Well if you don’t it’s OK; don’t beat yourself up too badly because with all the information there is to pull from a steroid encyclopedia there is not. What about Arnold’s book? Sorry, this isn’t a steroid encyclopedia either and if that’s what you’re looking for you’re on the wrong path if you expect to find it there.

Steroid Encyclopedia Books:

There are many books written covering the topic of anabolic steroids and many are full of beyond valuable information. From experts such as Dan Duchaine, William Llewellyn, Rick Collins and a few others many of the topics surrounding anabolic steroids and performance enhancing drugs are dissected and discussed in great detail and there is much to be learned from these authors and by no means do we want to take away from the insight they share. Even so, as valuable as many of these books are each one is only a piece of the larger puzzle and to put the puzzle together you’re going to have to do a lot of reading and research of your own. In a perfect world a full in-depth steroid encyclopedia book would exist making understanding all the more plausible and efficient.

Steroid Encyclopedia Websites:

There are countless websites that discuss anabolic steroids and performance enhancing drugs; many of these websites are extremely valuable and helpful. From steroid profiles, articles and research, to message boards that provide a community atmosphere for the anabolic user, many of these websites provide a welcomed home for many an athlete. There’s even a website that calls itself the steroid encyclopedia; although unlike many websites dedicated to the topic you will have to pay to survey the material within.

Many of these websites are nothing more than general information and discussion. As for the message boards you can learn a lot from various veterans of the game but bear in mind many of these people are simply loud talkers who know how to twist the words they say into seemingly sounding wisdom; always tread with caution in-terms of the advice you actually take and by no means take anyone’s word without doing your own homework first. There is however a very important piece of information you need to be aware of and something you should never take lightly as it pertains to anabolic steroid websites. Many of these self-proclaimed steroid encyclopedias are what we call “Open Source Boards” meaning they provide information on anabolic steroid suppliers and underground lab contact information and purchasing procedures. Because of the nature of anabolic steroids such activity is prohibited in some areas, most notably in the United States. This type of information sharing, although it may seem like a gift to you at first is in many cases highly illegal and can lead to a host of problems and trouble for the individual who is caught participating. Recall only a short while ago the website; if there was ever a steroid encyclopedia online dedicated to sourcing this was the one and in the end it would help and be part of one of the largest steroid cases in recent history. The point, well the point is simple; beware of such operations and stay away.