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Due to the very nature by-which they exist the majority of anabolic steroids purchased are done so on the black market; in the U.S. alone over six-million adults supplement with anabolic steroids and they do so without a prescription. As the world of performance enhancing has been forced underground each and every person shares one very common concern, the quality of their purchase. Counterfeit steroids are rampant in the anabolic world; often they are completely fake and nothing but sugar pills or oil and in many more cases they may be an actual steroid but they’re all Dianabol tabs or low dosed and even dirty testosterone. As this is the nature of their existence it makes pictures of steroids very, very valuable and the good news for you is there are pictures of steroids absolutely everywhere. A quick search can pull up thousands of images to your computer screen and examining the pictures of steroids can save you a lot of grief.

*Pictures of Steroids – Tabs/Pills/Caps:

As anabolic steroids are often faked, of all the forms they can come in oral anabolic steroids reign supreme in the counterfeit market place. Absolutely, counterfeiting is high with all forms but the process is so easy with oral steroids the odds of obtaining a fake in this group has an increased probability. As this is a problem, in an effort to curb such behavior and distinguish their product many manufactures will place a stamp or seal on each and every tablet they make. However, for ultimate assurance you need to really know where your anabolics are coming from and then and only then will examining pictures of steroids really be worth your time. Once you are assured you can then check the labels and stamps to ensure everything is up to speed.

*Pictures of Steroids – Viles:

As tabs are the most commonly faked anabolic steroids those of an injectable nature are commonly counterfeited too and it is those that come in viles that carry the greatest risk. Think about it; buy an empty glass vile, fill it with cotton seed or grape seed oil and label it any steroid you want; it happens every single day. Take the same vile with the same oil and copy a label and slap it on the bottle and you now have a seemingly perfect looking product ready to hit the “shelves.” For this reason it is important to examine pictures of steroids to ensure everything on the vile is in the right light but you can look at thousands of pictures of steroids and it will still not be enough; it is merely a step, one of many. While it will not provide a guarantee of any kind examining pictures of steroids that come in viles will far improve your chances.

*Pictures of Steroids – Ampules:

In many countries ampules are not that easy to find; in the United States they are far less common than in other parts of the world but they do exist. However, when it comes to avoiding counterfeit steroids ampules are often our absolute best friend as they are far less commonly faked. Each manufacturer will size his amp precisely and each one will be the same; further, each manufacture will etch the label right into the glass; a process that is very hard to counterfeit perfectly. Yes, it can still be faked but it is often much easier to spot and this is where examining pictures of steroids will really shine. Yes, at times you will find some pretty good counterfeits out there but look closely at the pictures of steroids you have available, know your source, do your homework and the odds will be highly in your favor.