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Muscle Building Steroids

Muscle Building Steroids

Anabolic androgenic steroids are not only one of the most debated topics but further one of the most misunderstood. They are not only largely misunderstood by the anti-steroid population but by many of the users too. The issues of safety and morality of using these hormones is always a contested debate and while much of this debate is built on emotion rather than simple logic there are basic facts, simple truths that as an anabolic androgenic steroid user you need to understand. There are many points of interest we can discuss, many facts we bring to light and one of the most important revolves around muscle building steroids. In a very general sense you have to general categories, cutting/fat reducing steroids and muscle building steroids; we wish to focus on the latter. Due to what is commonly referred to as “Bro Science” there are so many misunderstood principles, misplaced ideas and all-around fallacies. Nowhere is this so apparent as the various message boards; there’s good info on many of these but the plethora of misinformation is beyond vast. Let’s look at some of the most common misconceptions and myths revolving around muscle building steroids and shed some light and reveal only truth.

-Myth: Winstrol, Primobolan and Anavar cannot be used as muscle building steroids.
-Truth: While all three of these steroids are commonly used as cutting agents, all three have a place in the bulking game. Granted, they will not pack on pure size at the rate many others will but they can add size. More importantly, each of these three steroids carry with them traits that will promote the gains you’ve made in a more stable fashion, they are more solidified. More importantly, while many men may choose to opt for more powerful options, these three steroids are some of the best muscle building steroids any female can use in-terms of effectiveness and safety.

-Myth: Muscle building steroids cannot be effectively used for cutting.
-Truth: This is one of the most ridiculous legends of all and hopefully you want be a part of this misinformation. Almost any steroid can be used for either purpose but steroids such as Testosterone and Trenbolone carry with them a special place in this category. Both of these steroids are two superior choices for any cycle for any purpose. If you’re looking for quality muscle building steroids you’ll be hard pressed to find any more effective than these two, especially when stacked together. Further, the same can be said when you’re trying to lean out or cut up.

-Myth: When you use muscle building steroids you will put on a lot of excess water weight.
-Truth: While solid muscle building steroids such as Dianabol, Anadrol and Deca-Durabolin can cause excess water retention the degree will vary from person to person and is largely dependent on how and what you eat. Every one of these steroids can be used successfully in a cutting cycle; competitive bodybuilders often use these same steroids in preparation for a show and in those cases water retention is the enemy. The key is to understand how the particular steroids you’re using work, how they react and how your own nutritional intake will effect what you’re doing.

-Myth: You only have to use muscle building steroids for short periods of time to see positive gains.
In many circles short cycles are somewhat popular and yes, a small cycle (we’re speaking of time on) can produce gains in size and weight. However, it is important to understand the concept of homeostasis; the bodies desire to remain the same or unchanged. While we may gain a good bit of size from a short cycle, these very short cycles will generally not produce gains easily kept. In order to keep the gains we’ve made those gains must become part of our “new” normal, our set-point of homeostasis must be changed.