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Horse Steroids

Horse Steroids

Among all the classifications of anabolic steroids, horse steroids are often some of the most sought after; so much so that those that belong to this family are not only popular among athletes but very powerful as well. What many may not understand is why anyone would want to put horse steroids in their body; after all, they’re intended for a horse, right? Yes and no, the term is largely meaningless in many ways but we can define it and clear up any confusion anyone may have. In the performance enhancing world all anabolic steroids belong to one of three families; Human Grade (HG) Under Ground Lab (UG) or Veterinarian Grade (Vet.) It is vet grade that holds the horse steroids in its camp; this should be obvious, however, this doesn’t necessarily mean these steroids were made solely for horses.

Horse Steroids or Not:

Let’s look at Stanozolol or what is commonly called Winstrol or Winny. This is an anabolic steroid used by a many athletes in a host of various sports, however if we made a list of horse steroids it would be somewhere near the top. The whole thing is really simple; a hormone like Stanozolol, if they’re made by a pharmaceutical company such as Watson for example, then it’s a human grade product. The same hormone Stanozolol can be manufactured by a veterinary lab such as Hoechst Roussel Vet and instantly the same drug now belongs the horse steroids family.

Primary & Understanding:

While the above is true regarding such anabolics such as Stanozolol the same cannot be said of other commonly referred to horse steroids; not the same but it’s not as cut and dry as you may think either. There are two anabolic steroids of great popularity not only in athletics in general but among livestock holders as well. We are speaking of Equipoise (EQ) and Trenbolone (Tren); while the latter is primarily used in cattle among farmers it still carries with it the stigma of one of the horse steroids in the performance enhancing world. Even so, without question these are our two primary vet grade drugs that also cross over into the athletic world. However, unlike our Stanozolol discussion this one goes a different direction. There is not human grade EQ or Tren, there is only Vet grade, underground garbage and that’s pretty well it. Many of you will or have chosen to use either of these compounds and seen good results; odds are you bought from a UG lab. There are some OK one’s out there but odds are you’ve never tasted true EQ or Tren, as for the Tren most of you couldn’t handle it and that is a true fact.

The Reality of it All:

In the end the commonly tossed around phrase horse steroids is very misleading; further it’s quite a bit inaccurate but like so many words and phrases in life it seems to be sticking around whether we like it or not. Truth be told it really doesn’t matter; call them horse steroids, call them super-duper-happy-time steroids, it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is these are some of the best, most efficient and commonly used anabolics of all. Sure, they’re used on livestock commonly too but that’s only because they work.