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Deca 300

Deca 300

If you’re familiar with Nandrolone then you should be familiar with Deca-Durabolin; the most popular Nandrolone based steroid of all time. For decades Deca-Durabolin has shaped bodybuilders and athletes into what we see today; no, it’s not the only factor but it is a pretty big one. Generally speaking the steroid is found in 100mg/ml and 200mg/ml form; often it can be found in 2ml amps or mini-viles that are dosed at a total of 200mg (100mg/ml.) Then of course we have Deca 300; Deca 300 is the same Nandrolone-Decanoate compound, the same hormone, the same ester but it is in the total dosing potency that is different. With Deca 300 you have a more concentrated product; a full milliliter of Nandrolone-Decanoate that is dosed at 300mg/ml. It may sound simplistic but the best way to look at Deca 300 is “Extra Strength.” Beyond the higher dosing on a per milliliter basis there is no difference in Deca 300 and any other pure Nandrolone-Decanoate form.

Benefits & Traits:

Without question the number one benefit in Deca 300 is in its ability to promote lean muscle tissue gains. A slow, in-fact very slow acting anabolic steroid the gains will not come fast but through extended use they will come and they will be solid. Deca 300 is not a steroid that aromatizes heavily and as such will not induce a lot of unwanted water weight. Granted, some water weight can occur as it still aromatizes slightly but this is easily controlled.

Beyond pure tissue gain Deca 300 is very popular for one simple reason; joint relief. A simple small dose of 100mg per week is enough to bring about full joint relief in most any athlete. Such a low dosing will not provide a high anabolic effect but the joint relief is so strong that’s enough for some men. To receive a decent noticeable anabolic effect most men will need a starting dose of 200mg per week. This is by no means the maximum dose we can safely and effectively use but it is a dose that will provide both joint and anabolic benefit.

Muscle growth and pain relief, those are some nice traits and that is hard to deny but there is one benefit to Nandrolone in general that often gets ignored and it’s a shame as Deca 300 can provide. Deca 300 can be an excellent dieting steroid as its ability to preserve lean tissue under caloric deficits is tremendous. Further, as this steroid heals and rejuvenates the body regardless of when you’re using it, when dieting this simply becomes more important, as dieting is very stressful to the body. To put it simply when we look at all the basic facts Deca 300 is simply a high quality anabolic steroid.

Primary Use:

While it can be used for dieting and it’s not a bad choice and while many will use it simply for joint relief and nothing more the primary purpose of Deca 300 use is that of bulking. In any event, whatever your primary purpose is you are highly advised to stack your Deca 300 with testosterone, as a mere 100mg of Nandrolone is enough to completely suppress all natural testosterone production. For the performance enhancer this is good news, as testosterone is already a highly anabolic and androgenic hormone itself, thereby which we only enhance our progress even more. The synergy created by a testosterone and nandrolone stack is truly great and remains one of the most popular stacks of all time and as such is a primary tool for off-season gains.