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Clomid Dosage

Clomid Dosage

Before you supplement with any performance based item you need to know what the proper dose should be; while there are actually many other things to know this is one of the most important factors. The last thing you want to do is to take too much and cause your body harm but you don’t want to take too little and receive no benefit at all; after all, what would be the point? Taking too little is a very common problem that revolves around a Clomid dosage as this SERM is largely misunderstood by many performance enhancers. While a total Clomid dosage can vary and while this SERM is very efficiently effective many simply do not understand how to take it.

As post cycle therapy (PCT) is the most common place of use this is where we will find dosing to be the most commonly inaccurate. Commonly many performance enhancers will supplement with the SERM’s Nolvadex and Clomiphene in the same fashion and while they are very interchangeable they are not interchangeable in a dosing sense. A proper Clomid dosage must be larger than a Nolvadex dosage, much larger but trying to get others to see this is often like trying to fit a square into a circle.

Clomid Dosage for PCT:

As the PCT period will be the most common time to supplement this is without question the most important area in-which we must understand proper dosing. Generally speaking the total dosing can vary in this period quit substantially from as little as 50mg per day and even reaching levels of 200mg per day in some cases. For the average man who has completed an anabolic steroid cycle and wishes to discontinue use for a time most will find 150mg per day to be a good starting point. Some may need less if the cycle was very mild and only moderately suppressive but 150mg is a good standard starting rule of thumb. We’ll go more into specifics and actual planning as we go along.

On Cycle Clomid Dosage:

Before we get into the PCT planning we need to touch on on-cycle use of Clomiphene Citrate and the proper Clomid dosage. Clomiphene can be used as a means of side-effect prevention while on-cycle particularly in combating Gynecomastia; this is generally the only side-effect it can combat and even then it is not the most efficient. Aromatase inhibitors will do more for protecting against Gynecomastia and can also aid in other side-effect preventative manners but Clomiphene is an option. If you choose to supplement with Clomiphene Citrate for Gynecomastia prevention you will need approximately 25mg-50mg per day and even then it is no guarantee. If Gynecomastia is a problem for you we strongly urge you to look into the aromatase inhibitors Arimidex and Letrozole.

PCT Clomid Dosage Plan:

Before you begin your PCT you need to make sure you understand the anabolic steroids you were using beforehand; were they short or long ester based? If they were short ester base steroids your PCT can begin almost immediately but if the cycle ended with even one long ester base steroid you will need to wait 2-3 weeks before your Clomid therapy begins. In any case, regardless of how your cycle ended considering adding in hCG to your PCT plan is highly recommended and if done so should begin before Clomid therapy.

For the average man the standard PCT Clomid dosage will begin at 150mg per day and will decrease as the therapy progresses until the Clomiphene is discontinued altogether. Most men will find 4-5 weeks of Clomiphene to be very efficient and highly effective with some men needing an additional week giving them 6 total; most men will however not require this extra week. The plan is simple; your Clomid dosage will begin at 150mg for 2 weeks, 100mg for 2 weeks and 50mg for 1-2 weeks. To make it easier here is a sample chart you can follow with the sample Clomid dosage we have provided:

Week 1: Clomid 150mg per day
Week 2: Clomid 150mg per day
Week 3: Clomid 100mg per day
Week 4: Clomid 100mg per day
Week 5: Clomid 50mg per day
(add an extra week at 50mg per day if needed)


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