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Buy Steroids Online” it sounds pretty convenient doesn’t it? Well that’s great because it truly is and most athletes who use anabolic androgenic steroids buy steroids online every single day. Don’t believe it; go ahead, go to Google and type in the word “steroids” or the phrase “buy steroids” and see if link after link after link doesn’t come up; in the world of performance enhancement the ability to buy steroids online has become as important and common place as the ability to buy protein powder online. When you think about it all it really shouldn’t come as a surprise; after all, love’em or hate’em anabolic androgenic steroids are the end all be all of athletics and ripped muscular physiques; some cannot admit this either out of hate or blind stupidity but neither hate nor blind stupidity changes reality.

So how did it happen; how did a once so very underground substance, one that is highly illegal in some countries like the United States become in such high demand and how is it so many can buy steroids online for such low prices and in such vast amounts? For some reason these questions plague the minds of the anti-steroid nation but it all boils down to some very simple principles. As long as athletes are rewarded based on their performance, as they should be, the demand for anabolic steroids will be high; as long as individuals desire lean muscular physiques the demand for anabolic steroids will be high and as long as there’s no hard proof that these substances are truly bad for you, which there is not, demand will remain through the roof. Beyond that when looking at the actual purchase it’s no different than anything else you might purchase online; yes, when you buy steroids online it isn’t really any different than purchasing a book or camera or whatever you’d like on Amazon.

Unfortunately for those who buy steroids online, such practice is often illegal far more often than not; while purchasing anabolic steroids for personal use without a prescription is legal in many countries it must be done so through a pharmacy and in the U.S. without a prescription you can forget about it; legally that is. As these laws remain stringent all in the name of protecting you from yourself the black market underground continues to swell; truth be told it is no different than the prohibition experiment of the 1920’s; that seemed to work about as well as sticking a bee hive down your pants and expecting not to get stung. The truth is simple; you cannot protect people from themselves when there is no protection needed and even where there is most all desire to decide for themselves where this protection is needed and rightfully so. Nevertheless, especially in the United States, the internet steroid market takes hit after hit as law enforcement hammers justice down only to rebuild itself stronger and stronger each and every year; it has truly become the joke of our lifetime. Year after year labs are busted; operators of wholesale sites are arrested but year after year if you desire to buy steroids online your options continually increase. It is estimated in the U.S. alone over 6 million adults supplement with anabolic androgenic steroids and the majority buy steroids online for personal use, not via prescription. “The War on Steroids” you bet, about as sound as a war on thought.

No, we are not advocating and telling you to buy steroids online; what you do is your business, not ours. You may be sitting in your chair with your thumb up your ass; we simply don’t care about that any more than we care if you buy steroids online or not. All we care about is that you are aware of the truth, aware of reality; all we care about is that you have understanding, that you are privy to the truth instead of blatant lies. According to most reporting the war on steroids is a war the anti-steroid population is winning. That’s fine and dandy but saying something does not make it true; watch, “The Sky is Purple” now look outside, what color is the sky? The truth remains just that, the truth; anabolic steroids continue to reign supreme, their demand remains high and the ability to buy steroids online is ever increasing.