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Buy Clomid

For post cycle therapy (PCT) needs performance enhancers buy Clomid with a passion as it is highly effective; in-fact, performance enhancer buy Clomid almost more than any other PCT item. While PCT needs is the primary reason of purchase there are other reasons an individual might supplement with this powerful SERM. There are those who buy Clomid for on cycle side-effect prevention and there are those who supplement for testosterone replacement therapy needs but it remains PCT is the most common purpose and generally the most effective. In any case let’s delve into the benefits of such a purchase and some of the things you need to know before you take hold of this powerful SERM. Hopefully with this information you’ll be ready to buy Clomid for your needs with a little more confidence.

Buy Clomid & Increase Testosterone:

As you may have already guessed as some will buy Clomid for testosterone replacement therapy needs as this SERM has a massively positive effect on the primary androgen. By its very nature Clomid actively stimulates the release of Luteinizing and Follicle Stimulating Hormones (LH & FSH) by without there is no testosterone production. The more LH and FSH produced and released, especially LH the more testosterone there can be produced by your body; if you are lacking in this regard you will be lacking in testosterone and that’s no good for anyone. By its direct mode of action those who buy Clomid and supplement properly will enhance the amount of LH and FSH produced and see their testosterone levels increase.

This is the reason so many buy Clomid for their PCT needs. When we supplement with anabolic androgenic steroids our testosterone levels are suppressed and when use is discontinued we must do something about it. While this can be a useful tool for the anabolic steroid user it can also be translated into testosterone replacement therapy for a man who may suffer and is in need of such treatment. Many men who have never touched the first anabolic steroid suffer from low testosterone and if the problem is due to LH and FSH production Clomid therapy may be right for them. However, for many men who suffer from low testosterone such therapy may not be enough and direct supplementation of exogenous testosterone may be needed.

Which form to Buy:

When you buy Clomid you will find it commonly comes in both tablet and liquid forms; both forms being taken orally. In either form the same compound is at hand, Clomiphene Citrate and assuming it has been manufactured properly there is no functioning difference. The only distinguishable difference that is worth noting is in the possible quality and effectiveness. Liquid forms of this SERM can be unstable and difficult to dose and for this reason tabs will generally be our preferred mode in-which we will choose. While this remains true there are liquid forms that are just as good but in the end it simply depends on the manufacturer in question. Before you buy Clomid from in its liquid state ensure you have researched the manufacturer thoroughly; in-fact, this is good to do regardless of the form you choose.

Choosing a SERM:

It is one of the oldest arguments to ever exist; which SERM is better, Clomid or Nolvadex? In truth there is very little difference and both can perform to the same level of desired action. It is however true Nolvadex is more powerful on a per milligram basis but this proves to be a generally moot point. One can easily adjust the dose of both SERM’s to meet the same level of potent power they need or desire. Those who supplement with Clomid yet find it to be less effective than Nolvadex have in most cases simply not supplemented with enough Clomid to make an accurate comparison. In short, if you need a SERM and buy Clomid you’ll be well satisfied assuming you supplement with the proper needed amount.


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