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Bodybuilders on Steroids

Bodybuilders on steroids” the words go together like hamburger and cheese; always have, always will. Since the inception of synthetic anabolic androgenic steroids the number of bodybuilders on steroids has only grown; in-fact, if it weren’t for anabolic androgenic steroids bodybuilding wouldn’t exist as we know it; more than likely it would hardly exist at all. Some will scoff at such a remark; especially those of a more anti-steroid nature but scoff all you like, it doesn’t change the truth. The reality is simple; the pursuit of bodybuilding has existed for many years; for centuries lean muscular physiques have been admired greatly but it wasn’t until the early 1900’s that bodybuilding as we know it was born and it wasn’t until the advent of anabolic steroids that it would begin to flourish. Think about it, those who are most largely associated with the pursuit, those whose names are synonymous with muscle; when we break it down into its simplest terms they were bodybuilders on steroids.

The truth is simple; physiques of high-end extreme awe and power cannot be built without anabolic steroids; it is simply physically and humanly impossible; however, this does not negate hard work as is commonly believed. A misconception in the public eye is that anabolic steroid use replaces the need for work; nothing could be further from the truth. Anabolic androgenic steroids provide the body the ability to do more work; for bodybuilders on steroids the idea is to simply take what they’re already doing and simply do it a little better. With anabolic steroids being present they can now train harder, train more efficiently, they can make better use of their food, recover and heal with greater efficiency; less work, hardly, most bodybuilders on steroids are the hardest working athletes around, so much so the average man would last a day at best.

One should not make the mistake and assume natural bodybuilding is being dismissed, far from it but natural bodybuilding is just that “natural” and as great and inspiring as some of those physiques are they come nowhere near as close as their counterparts; the difference is so staggering that in the competitive world they are separated. Those who dismiss anabolic assistance often simply lack an understanding in the same light of it allows one to be lazy; as we discussed this is simply not true. The point, anabolic androgenic steroids are synthetic hormones based off of hormones we already produce naturally; although the degree varies from one person to the next. These hormones are responsible for the anabolic activity in the body, the bodybuilders on steroids have simply enhanced this anabolic activity that already exists; they have not put substances in their body that are of an extreme foreign nature.  

Nevertheless bodybuilders on steroids remain outcast; at least they do if they admit to their use. Think about it, some of the most famous people in the world are former competitive bodybuilders or athletes and celebrities that live a bodybuilding style life in-terms of training and diet; they are bodybuilders on steroids and the public loves them. Take one of those same individuals, he is caught with a vile of anabolics in his pocket at the airport and the fallout is tremendous; how does this make sense? Are we so naïve that we need to see steroids in hand to know the truth? Apparently so and as bodybuilders and athletes of all pursuits it is our own fault. Anabolic steroid education as it stands today is akin to “the world is flat” as it pertains to the understanding of most; not only the general public but in the medical community as well. The majority of bodybuilders on steroids are so petrified of speaking out on the subject they live in the shadows only damaging the cause the believe in.

No, posting on various message boards that deal in the subject at hand is not true adequate vociferation; stating your opinion and beliefs to those who already share it helps no one. The truth is simple, the biggest enemy to bodybuilders on steroids is themselves, as for whatever reason they continually take no initiative as a whole to change public perception; instead the slither away in fright. If this were to ever change, the scope of bodybuilding, although forever out of traditional mainstream would explode in growth and the pursuit would no longer necessarily exist in the shadows. Will this ever happen; one day, when enough have been burned and felt the pain and said enough but until then bodybuilders on steroids will live in secret, without peace of mind and quite frankly there’s no reason for it at all.