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Best Steroids

“Anabolic Steroids” one of the most controversial yet largely misunderstood topics the world over. Controversial because of their role in sports; misunderstood because of the inept reporting and massive file of misinformation and lies surrounding them; nevertheless, for many the topic of steroids stays on the brain and more importantly the topic of which are the best steroids of all. “The Best Steroids” wouldn’t it be nice if there was a section at Wal-Mart, just one small row of shelves labeled “Anabolic Steroids” and at the top you’d find the best steroids of all? Unfortunately this magical aisle only exists in the 5th dimension or somewhere in the Matrix and in real life we are not so blessed.

Even though purchasing anabolic steroids can be a little more difficult and time consuming than purchasing online car insurance there are still things that are well-known and understood by the anabolic using population and among those who are members of well-understanding they can guide and lead you into the realm of the best steroids you’ve ever had.

Rules for Buying the Best Steroids:

In our search for the best steroids available there is a short list of rules we can follow to ensure our end goals are met. It’s a short list and for many you may be shocked as to how simple it is; know anabolic steroid use is serious business but it is not nearly as complicated as many tend to make it. If you follow this list you can rest assured you will never run into the huge problem of pure-garbage gear and the list of rules goes as follows:

1. Purchase your steroids from your doctor to ensure quality and legitimacy; these will always be the absolute best steroids you can buy.

2. If rule number one is not an option: purchase from reputable sources. Just because they say they are legitimate does not make it true; in-fact it probably makes it false. True quality sources will not advertise their greatness, in most case they won’t advertise.

3. Avoid underground steroids with very few exceptions but in most cases the best steroids cannot be found here; in-fact, in most cases we can say just the opposite.

4. Buy Human Grade steroids and always ensure your testosterone is of human grade quality no matter the cost.

5. Avoid anabolic steroids that are dosed extremely high or oddly. There is a right way and a host of wrong ways to make and dose various anabolic steroids. For example, Testosterone-Enanthate should be dosed at 250mg/ml not 400mg/ml, not 500mg/ml and so on. The same can be said of any other anabolic steroid. Although some steroids can have dosing options there are standards that must be followed.

6. Purchase reputable brands. There are certain brands that have been around for years and stood the test of time; Watson, Schering, Organon, etc. these are the types of brands you should go after and they provide some of the best steroids on earth. If you run across a brand with a name like “British Monster Gear” or “Super Roid Juice” those types stay away; further, be aware of simple sounding names you’re unsure of, it can work both ways.

7. In most cases stay away from anabolic steroid mixtures. Testosterone mixtures such as Sustanon-250 are fine but many underground labs daily come out with mixtures no anabolic steroid user should mess with. Such mixtures can lead to whelps and irritations or even infections. If you come across a product called “Triple EQ-Test-Tren” stay away, if you come across a product called “WinnyBolin” or “DecaZol” stay away from this garbage. Items such as Deca should be only Deca, as Winny should only be Winny and so on; you get the idea.

If you follow these simple, very simple seven rules you can rest assured your anabolic steroids will be the best steroids on the market almost every single time. We cannot say with 100% confidence that following these rules will work perfectly every last time; there are good sources that turn rotten overnight but in general and overall the above is set in stone.