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Anadrol Steroids

Anadrol steroids are some of the most powerful and popular steroids of all time, especially regarding bulking cycles. While bulking cycles remain their primary use Anadrol steroids do have a place in cutting cycles as well. With bulking being the primary course of use many performance enhancers use them during this course for their rapid abilities in promoting size; it is not uncommon for an individual to gain as much as 30lbs in mere weeks from the use of Anadrol steroids. While that is an impressive figure it really shouldn’t come as a surprise; after all, this hormone was developed for the very purpose of rapid weight gain. Anadrol steroids have a strong and direct impact on total anabolic activity in the body and further can also greatly stimulate ones appetite allowing more calories to be consumed. While this remains true you may find it interesting that too large of a dose of these steroids can actually greatly suppress your total appetite.

Anadrol Steroids 101:

Anadrol steroids belong to the class of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived anabolic steroids and by their very nature belong to the class of oral C17-Alpha Alkylated (C17-aa) anabolic hormones. By this C17-aa nature Anadrol steroids are highly toxic to the liver and should only be used sparingly for a few weeks at a time. While unfortunate they require the C17-aa structural change in-order for them to survive ingestion; otherwise they would be destroyed by the liver.

Belonging to a class of very rapid and fast acting hormones Anadrol steroids carry an active half-life of approximately 8.5 hours; if you understand anything about anabolic steroids then you understand this is a very short half-life. By their nature Anadrol steroids must be taken every single day during their use if the individual is going to maintain stable levels of the hormone in their body. However, while everyday use is necessary, because of the fast acting nature benefits will be seen in mere days.

The Benefits of Anadrol Steroids:

First and foremost Anadrol steroids can create massive buildups in lean muscle tissue and without question this is the number one reason most supplement with these DHT based steroids. Further, in a powerful fashion Anadrol steroids will rapidly increase strength; while we can’t give you a specific figure to go by we can guarantee they will more than likely increase your strength in mind-blowing fashion. It is important to note, if strength and size is your goal you are still going to have to feed your body adequate calories to meet this end. Even when calories are restricted you may experience some increase in strength due to this steroids power but for true increases in strength and size you must eat to fulfill this end.

While primarily bulking steroids Anadrol steroids have their place in a cutting cycle as well; normally this is reserved for competitive bodybuilders. Many competitive bodybuilders supplement with Anadrol steroids at the end of their contest prep in-order to present a fuller look on stage. While this can be very effective we must note water retention can be a problem when Anadrol steroids are used and this can be disastrous for a competitive bodybuilder on stage. However, such water retention can be controlled if aromatase inhibitors and diuretics are in play and assuming the individuals diet is in check. While this remains true you are encouraged to stay away from Anadrol steroids for bodybuilding contest needs if you’ve never used them before. You will need to have an understanding of how this hormone affects you before you ever use it for this purpose and ensure you are aware of how to control possible water issues.

The Bottom Line:

Fantastic for bulking and a possible cutting steroid too in specific cases, in either case Anadrol steroids are a welcomed addition to many anabolic steroid stacks. For most this is not a steroid that will be used alone but more of an addition to a well-founded total program. In any case, before you decide to supplement you need to be aware of the possible side-effects of use and while they are easily controlled you are encouraged to seek them out in-order to ensure you remain safe and problem free.